Three Million Illegal Aliens Vote In Presidential Election

In breaking news, we are now receiving a report that as many as three million illegal immigrants could have voted in the 2016 presidential election.

Gregg Phillips at Jump Vote claims to have completed analysis of 180 million voter registrations and have verified that over 3 million votes were cast by illegal aliens in the November presidential election. He posted on his twitter feed that he will be getting together with True The Vote to initiate legal action.

For those of us on the right hand side of the political fence, it gives even more credence to what we all say going into an election “we don’t have to just beat the candidate, but we have to beat the voter fraud as well,” and with further verification of this information, it would prove that Donald Trump not only won the Electoral College Vote, but absolutely crushed the criminal Hillary Clinton in the national popular vote count, since we know that illegal immigrants are certainly not voting for Trump.

InfoWars Article: Click Here

So, let’s add this up… If there are 3 million illegal aliens voting, and 4 million dead voters, plus all the Democrats that vote multiple times in a single state or in multiple states, it would mean that there could have been more than 8 million or more fraudulent votes cast for the criminal Hillary Clinton in this election. How many states that were called for Hillary Clinton would have actually been awarded for Donald Trump? How many more Electoral College votes would Trump have won if these votes are thrown out? Plus, there are still 7 million votes outstanding, yet to be counted.

It’s more than abundantly clear that the US voting system needs a complete clean out, and hopefully this can be achieved during Trump’s first term. But, we can count on the Democrats fighting this every step of the way, calling it racist and hateful, because they know that they would lose many more elections than they win without illegal aliens, the dead, and their supporters voting multiple times.

So … what do you think? Is it finally time to demand the US election system be overhauled?

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