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LetMeGetThisRight.com was created to provide a place for news, media, and political analysis about about just about everything. I cover U.S. & Global Politics, Government, Society, The Media, Conspiracy Theories, Faith & Religion, Prepping & Self Reliance, and Life. And catalog all of the great research content that found across the Internet.

LetMeGetThisRight ... poses that very statement [let me get this right ...?] when making observations on today's news. Have you ever heard some load of crap come spewing out of some crooked politician's or news anchor's mouth and had that little voice in your head that says "[WTF?] Whooooaaa buddy, ... Let me get this right ... what you're saying is "..." ???" This website is that little voice in your head, and a bunch of other cool stuffs.

Just Because YOU Disagree With MY Point Of View ... Does NOT Make Me A Racist, Bigot, Or Any Other Derogatory Name You Can Conjure Up In Your Tiny Brain

Fair Warning: If you are politically correct or easily offended, have thin skin, live your life in a progressive bubble, believe government is the answer to all your problems, are incapable of thinking outside the box or coloring outside the lines, don't have a fundamental understanding of freedom, believe Al Gore invented the Internet or CO² is the only/primary driver of climate, or are afraid of God and/or guns ... This site will probably piss you off on a regular basis.

If you have comments, feedback, questions, research links, witty comments, or death threats, please use the Contact Form here on LetMeGetThisright.com.