Glenn Beck Running To Kiss Trump’s Ass

This is just a quick and dirty video to cover the idiot trying to regain relevance that he squandered.

TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck, who has called Trump a Hitler-like psychopath, compared us, Trump’s supporters to brownshirts, and called us racists. The same Glenn Beck, who said voting for Hillary Clinton was the moral choice, said that Obama has made him a better man, and supports Black Lives Matter … Now says he is going to call president elect Trump to offer his assistance.

This is the same Glenn Beck that thought for sure that Hillary was going to win, so he betrayed his audience and started a radical swing to the left. Now that Trump has won the election, he is scrambling to try and save his quickly failing media empire, and looking like a complete ass in the process.

Personally, I took on Glenn Beck when he was personally endorsing a multi-level marketing scam that was robbing people of their life savings, but that is a story for another day. The story today is about how this creep is running to lick Trump’s boots, now that his media empire is in decline because he maligned everyone that dared disagree with his view on this historic election.

To make this easy, I will just read this great article from Breitbart dot com.

Read the Breitbart article: Click Here

My suggestion to Glenn Beck … Sell off your media assets, move out of Texas, because we don’t need spineless cowards like you here, and go live the rest of your life in the obscurity that you so desperately deserve.