Did Hillary Clinton Really Win The Popular Vote?

Since Donald Trump won the presidential election a couple days ago, there has been an uproar from Democrats about Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote, but losing the election because Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote. Many Democrats are again calling for an end to the electoral college, when they are not rioting in the streets, destroying private property, or attacking innocent bystanders, of course.

Considering the Democrat’s long history of voter fraud, I believe that this topic deserves a bit more scrutiny. The democrat party are the ones that live by a couple key sayings … Vote Twice, and Vote Early And Vote Often. They laugh about it when in close company, in emails and social media posts, but act shocked and appalled when they are taken to task about it.

I propose that if we took a closer look at the numbers and the votes cast, and only counted the valid, legal votes, that Donald Trump did win the popular vote, as well as the Electoral College vote.

At the time of making this video, Hillary Clinton had 60,136,736 votes, and Donald Trump had 59,827,920 votes. There will still be some more votes straggling in over the coming days, but based on these numbers, Hillary Clinton does seem to have a popular vote advantage of 308,806 votes. And this has Democrats freaking out like they did in 2000, when George Bush beat Al Gore under similar circumstances. For Democrats, this is a nightmare repeating itself 16 years later.

But, did Hillary Clinton really win the popular vote?

What we have to do now, is take into consideration the number of dead voters, fraudulent ballots, illegal aliens casting votes, and ex-convicts that have miraculously had their voting rights restored just weeks before the election.

Every election cycle we are bombarded with news reports of tens or even hundreds of absentee mail-in ballots being delivered to a single address, scores of votes being cast by people who died long ago, and in this election, Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe even went so far as to restore the voting rights to over 60,000 ex-convicts at the last minute to help ensure that Virginia didn’t go to Trump. Governor McAuliffe originally tried to restore the voting rights to over 200,000 ex-convicts, but this attempt at mass voter fraud was stopped by the court as unconstitutional. And, it’s quite conceivable that after his last-minute voting rights restoration goes through the courts, that the 60,000 ex-convicts who had their voting rights restored, will be thrown out as being unconstitutional, just like the 200,000 before them.

Here’s a simple example: If just 1% of the ballots cast for Hillary Clinton were fraudulent, that would erase 601,372 votes right off the top of her total, and that doesn’t include the 60,000 ex-convicts that Governor McAuliffe unconstitutionally slammed into the system at the last minute. This 1 percent figure is also far lower than the estimated 4 million dead voters currently on the voter rolls across the country. And the 4 million dead doesn’t include voters registered in more than one state, illegal voters or compromised electronic voting systems.

601,372 minus 308,806 equals 292,566. This would mean that Donald Trump might have actually won the popular vote by almost 300,000 votes. And, based on the number of dead people on the voter rolls, fraudulent voter records, suspicions of compromised voting machines owned by George Soros, and votes cast by illegal aliens, I believe that the one percent example is probably much lower than the actual number of fraudulent votes cast.

What we desperately need in this country is to have ALL the voter records purged of dead voters, fraudulent records, cross-state duplicate registrations, and cross-check all voter rolls across the country. Only then will we know the true number of legal voters in the U.S.. It’s either that, or we will need to have one or two days of in-person, on-location voting, demand valid state-issued identification, use paper ballots, and start dipping our fingers in ink, like they do in 3rd world countries, to ensure that people only vote once.

But, Democrats continue to fight the cleanup of voter records at every turn. They oppose every voter ID measure by branding it racist, even though you need valid picture ID, to buy liquor, get on an airplane, or even get into the Democrat National Convention.

I believe that the Democrats fight every attempt at a fraud-free election because they know that without the dead, the fraudulent, and illegals, that they would lose many more elections than they win.

What do you think?

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