Bernie Sanders Supporters Burned By … Bernie

In the latest round of Wikileaks we find out that Bernie Sanders had some sort of non-aggression agreement with the Hillary Clinton campaign. This revelation coming on top of previous Wikileaks showing that the Clinton campaign actively worked to not only destroy Bernie, but also discredit his supporters by sending people dressed up as Bernie supporters to attack Trumps supporters and disrupt Trump rallies.

Yet, for some reason, Bernie continues to support Clinton on the campaign trail.

Although I disagree with Bernie and his supporters on nearly every topic. After all, he is a self-proclaimed big government socialist. I did have a certain level of respect for him, because I believed, like many of his supporters that he was leading an anti-establishment movement, when the reality is now revealed that he was in on team Clinton from day one.

This latest Wikileaks news should be falling hard on any Bernie Sanders supporters who have yet to vote, as it shows that he made a deal with the Goldman Sachs owned demon Hillary Clinton before the game ever started.

But, apparently, the payoff deal must have been enough to buy Bernie’s cooperation, as we found out that shortly after dropping out of the race, he and his wife purchased a vacation home valued at five hundred seventy five thousand dollars, with 500 feet of waterfront on Lake Champlain.

And, all this comes on the heel of revelations that his wife, Jane Sanders, received a two hundred-thousand-dollar golden parachute after effectively bankrupting Burlington College in 2011. She received this little bonus while professors, administrators and support personnel simply received pink slips.

Now that we know the truth, we find out that Bernie isn’t necessarily all about socialism, or the redistribution of wealth has he has claimed for years, as long as Bernie is getting paid.

Congratulations Bernie Supporters, you’ve been duped, and it was part of the Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton plan all along. Bernie was there to get you rounded up from the beginning to ultimately lead you to vote for the very corrupt, big bank owned criminal Hillary Clinton you fought against throughout his bogus run for president. He took your money, took your time, he took your enthusiasm, and took your support, and used it to ensure that Hillary Clinton got the Democrat nomination.

And now he wants you to vote for Hillary Clinton.

If there is one thing that Bernie Sanders supporters and Trump supporters have been able to agree on throughout this election, it’s that Hillary Clinton is a criminal that shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the White House, the presidency, or any lever of power.

If you supported Bernie Sanders, how are you going to vote tomorrow, November 8th?

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