Trump Goes For A Family Dinner, and the MSM Melts Dow – Why Trump Must NOT Tell The Press Where He’s Going – His Safety Depends On It!

Last night some in the mainstream media were apoplectic over the reality that president-elect Donald Trump decided to go out with his family to a private dinner, because he had the gall to not inform them of where and when he was going. The mainstream media cried about not being informed of his every movement, calling it a breach of protocol, and even implied that it was some kind of indicator that he wasn’t going to be transparent as president.

This hypocritical hyperbole coming from a mainstream media that ran cover the last eight years for the Obama administration, arguably the least transparent administration in US history. The Obama administration that accepted an award for transparency at an event that wasn’t open to the press. This is the same mainstream media that covered for Hillary Clinton, who ran an illegal private email server during her time as Secretary of State, to make sure that her communications couldn’t be easily accessed via freedom of information requests.

I for one, completely support Trump NOT telling the mainstream media where he was going, and it is because I believe his safety and security depends on it. And, I highly suggest that he not tell the press pool where he is going, or when, at least until the calls by the radical left for his assassination, and the crybullies rioting across the country have subsided.

As we have witnessed since Trump’s election as president of the United States, there has been an unprecedented number of people calling for his assassination. Everyone from CEO’s to Soros’ useful idiots who are getting paid to protest. If Trump were to announce his every move to the mainstream press, they would immediately broadcast his movements to their legions of violent, hateful followers, and the possibility of someone actually taking a shot at Trump’s life would increase significantly.

So, president-elect Trump, for your own safety, and that of your family and transition team, please continue to keep your movements quiet. And in the process, give us all the pleasure of showing the mainstream media press pool what they are good for… Nothing. President Trump, you owe these leaches nothing, as most are only there to try figure out how to twist your words, and sabotage your presidency every chance they get.

So, what do you think? Should Trump tell the mainstream media everywhere his is going, or tell them to kick rocks?