Will Huma Abedin & Anthony Weiner Get Vince Fostered?

Will Huma Abedin And Anthony Weiner Get “Vince Fostered”

FBI Director James Comey dropped a bombshell on Friday afternoon, October 28th regarding emails found on a laptop belonging to Weiner and Abedin. The emails were found during the Anthony Weiner investigation of his sexting with an underage teen girl by the New York Police Department.

The letter Director Comey delivered to Congress was quickly leaked to the press and a political firestorm has ensued.

Some say Director Comey’s delivery of the letter this close to election day was a radical breach of protocol, yet others are cheering the latest development in what has become a gigantic Weiner shaped cloud hanging over the Clinton campaign.

But, whether or not it was the right thing for Director Comey to drop a bombshell at this stage of the election cycle is not the topic of this report. That will have to sort itself out as the facts of the case and emails discovered are brought to light.

What we do know at this point, is that Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner have become not only a strategic liability, but an anchor around the neck of Hillary Clinton and her campaign. The Clinton campaign is currently getting battered in the polls as Project Veritas videos showing how corrupt the DNC election machine operates. The daily dumps of emails by Julian Assange and Wikileaks from John Podesta’s hacked email account that seem to back up most of the claims in Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash of pay for play and corruption on a mass scale by the Clinton Foundation. And add to that the previous leaks of DNC emails that show how the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, and the Hillary Campaign conspired to deny Bernie Sanders of a fair shot at becoming the DNC nominee for president, and we truly have an unprecedented political firestorm on our hands

All this turmoil begs the question … Will Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner get Vince Fostered?

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