Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ's] About

Here's your opportunity to hear founder, Barron Hansen, spout off answers to some frequently asked questions.

Why Did You Start This Website?

Because I needed somewhere to spout off about all the bullshit I see happening in the media, on the news, corrupt politicians, and to hopefully help awaken and educate some folks.

What Is Your Political Affiliation?

Basically, I am a one who believes that we need to get the US back to our Constitutional roots. I can't stand progressives, no matter whether they have a "D" or an "R" next to their name. I want big personal freedom and very small government. You could losely categorize me as a conservative-leaning libertarian.

Why Are You So Harsh About Certain Topics?

Because we are in precarious times. There is a growing percentage of the population that believes that a huge, oppressive, all-powerful government is the answer to everything, and I simply think those types of folks are uneducated idiots. So, if you are easily offended, maybe you should go to some other website, or "put on your big boy/big girl panties" and run the risk of learning something.

I Find You Offensive And Think You Should Be Banned From The Internet.

Although not a question, I will answer this for you: Go Fuck Yourself. How's that for offensive? Last time I checked, the 1st Amendment was still in effect [for now], and I still have the right to speak my mind and spew my opinions whether you agree with them or not. If my viewpoints, commentary, or opinions get your panties in a wad, then maybe it's time for you to grow some thicker skin and get over yourself.

Remember ... You always have the option to NOT read the articles or watch the videos posted on Just like you always have the option to change the channel on the radio or tv if you don't like what you hear, or don't like what you are watching.

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